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2 Bedroom units for sale!

Currently we have several memberships for 2 and 3  bedroom units on the market.  Here is a list of those units on the market and if you would like to see one please contact the sales office at 816-257-0070.

2 Bedroom units

1806 Covingtree Bend, end unit with a walk out basement, $515.00

1818 Devonshire Place, end unit, $515.00

17904 Westchester Branch, end unit, $515.00

17905 Westchester Branch, center unit, $512.00

18015 Dover Fork, end unit, $515.00

18029 Kent Circle, end unit, $515.00

3 Bedroom units

1801 Covingtree Bend, end unit, $528.00

1938 Stafford Lane, end unit, $528.00


3 Responses to “2 Bedroom units for sale!”
  1. Taylor says:

    My husband and I were talking about buying into the townhouses when our lease is up. How exactly does that work, and how much down?

  2. Stacie/michael says:

    Hi…we are interested in co-op living but would like details plz…thank you

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