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Units Available

We currently have 2 bedroom units on the market.  The transfer value for a 2 Bedroom is $6,709.07 and the monthly carrying charges are $547.00 or $550.00.  Listed below are the units for sale:

1953 Stafford Lane, Center unit, $547.00 monthly

1841 Stafford Lane, Center unit, $547.00 monthly

17901 Essex Court, End unit, walk out Basement, $550.00 monthly

18020 Dover Fork, End Unit, $550.00 monthly

Please contact our office for more information and to schedule a viewing of one of these units.


One Response to “Units Available”
  1. Chylenn cornett says:

    $6,709.07 sounds extremely high for a two bedroom co-op, your playgrounds look Dreadfully outdated and cabinets and appliances look cheap. The looks of these town homes relate to them looks of Hawthorne place apartments and those are income based, I expected more for my money. I dont understand because the schools in independence aren’t rated good at all but up north where the schools are rated better they have two bedroom co-ops for $6,500 and the fees are only $496 plus a nice playground !

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