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Units On The Market

We currently have 2 two bedroom units and 1 three bedroom unit on the market.

Two Bedroom 1749 Covingtree Bend, Center unit, $547.00 per month, transfer value $6,709.07

Two Bedroom 1916 Devonshire Place, End Unit, $550.00 per month, transfer value $6,709.07

Three Bedroom 1832 Stafford Lane, Center Unit, $560.00 per month, transfer value $7,477.00

Please contact our office to view an unit and  for more information at (816)257-0070.


4 Responses to “Units On The Market”
  1. Cortney clark says:

    I would love more information on a 2bd 2 bath. Email is fine. Thank you have a great day

    • Highleah Townhouses says:

      I would love to give you more information. Our 2 bedrooms only have 1 bath. Our 3 bedrooms have a bath and a half. We currently have 3 2 bedrooms on the market. The standard transfer value of a 2 bedroom is $6,709.07. The price is negotiable and due on the day you move in. Then you pay monthly carrying charges of $550.00. Please call our office for more information and to view one of the units.

  2. lisa gannaway says:

    Do you have any single floor plans? I would like to receive more information. Thank you!

    • Highleah Townhouses says:

      We do not have any single floor units at this time. The only single floor units would be a 1 bedroom at 627 sq. ft., however none available at this time.

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