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Animal Policy

All members must file a statement whether or not the member has a pet on the premises at the time of move-in and every year at the time of recertification.


  • Control: A pet shall be deemed to be under control of a responsible person when that person can observe and take effective corrective action to prevent nuisance or harm to people, animals or property.
  • Owner: Shall mean any person residing in the community who keeps or harbors a pet
  • Pet: Any non-human creature maintained in the community.



All pets kept on the premises must be registered with the Cooperative Office within 10 days after move-in or acquisition of the pet.

The following forms are required to complete the registration.

  • 1. Pet registration form
  • 2. Signed Pet Rules and Regulations form
  • 3. Proof of current vaccination in accordance with City of Independence animal ordinances
  • 4. Current weight of the pet
  • 5. Current photo of the pet
  • 6. Written proof of spaying or neutering
  • 7. A one-time, nonrefundable fee of $50 per pet.


Pet Privileges

Pet owners may have two (2) dogs, two (2) cats or one (1) dog and one (1) cat per household. Any of the following also are allowed:

  • a) One (1) aquarium up to 50 gallons for fish. Members will be responsible for any water damage to the unit from the aquarium.
  • b) Two (2) birds in cages kept indoors inside the unit
  • c) Two (2) hamsters or gerbils kept indoors inside the unit


1. Any pet not listed here is considered to be unauthorized and not allowed. The cooperative reserves the right to refuse pets having the propensity to injure including but not limited to the following dog breeds: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Chows, Akitas, Rottweilers, Dobermans or any mix thereof.

No Pets for breeding purposes shall be kept on Highleah Townhouses, Inc. property.

2. The maximum weight allowed for a dog at full growth is 50 pounds

3. All cats and dogs will be vaccinated annually or as recommended by a veterinarian in accordance with the rules of Highleah and the ordinances of the City of Independence. Verification must be submitted to the Cooperative Office within 10 days.

4. Visiting pets are not allowed.

5. Pets will not be allowed to make unreasonable noise.

6. No pet, cat or dog is allowed to run loose on the cooperative grounds at any time. All pets, cats and dogs must be on a lead and under the control of a responsible person when on cooperative grounds.

7. All pet feces must be cleaned up immediately anywhere at all times when the pet is outside the unit on the cooperative grounds. Pet waste must be placed in a plastic bag and disposed of in a proper trash receptacle.

8. Tie-outs used to restrain pets outside units cannot exceed six (6) feet in length. Pets are not allowed to be tied or attached in any way to trees.
Owners must clean up immediately the areas where pets have been restrained.

9. No restrained pet is to be left unattended after 10 p.m. or before 7 a.m. Pets cannot be left outside longer than two (2) hours at any time.

10. Any pet that attacks or bites a person or another animal will be removed from the premises by an Animal Control Officer, licensed veterinarian, health or police officer in accordance with Independence City Code.

11. Pet owners are responsible for damage to the cooperative grounds and structures including the inside and outside of their units. The member will be charged for repairs including materials and labor in accordance with the Occupancy Agreement.

12. All pet complaints must be in writing, signed by a member or employee and given to the Cooperative Office. The board responds only to written complaints signed by a member or employee.

13. Members receiving notice on three (3) separate occasions of a violation of any of these rules within a 12- month period will be in jeopardy of losing their pet privileges. The member will be called before the Board of Directors for a grievance hearing to discuss the violation.

Members who have their pet privileges revoked must wait two (2) years from the date of revocation before applying to have the privileges reinstated by the Board of Directors. If a member’s pet privileges are revoked a second time, the privileges will remain revoked indefinitely.

Any member accepting the duties of pet ownership by registering a pet will be required to abide by all Highleah Townhouses, Inc.’s pet rules and regulations and the Independence, Mo., ordinances concerning pet ownership.

These regulations are specifically directed to eliminating nuisances caused by poorly-controlled dogs and cats but are applicable to all animals maintained on the property.