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Rules & Regulations

Highleah Rules and Regulations

The attached Rules and Regulations have been established in conjunction with your Occupancy Agreement in order to promote harmony among the general membership and insure that the cooperative grounds and structures are retained in the best possible living conditions.

As outlined, in your Occupancy Agreement, Article 14, failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations of Highleah Townhouses, Inc. as established by your Board of Directors, will place your membership in default, and as a member and/or co-member of this cooperative you will be held responsible for your guest, any violations could be cause for eviction.


Pet Rules and Regulations of Highleah Townhouses, Inc.

All members must file a statement whether or not the member has a pet on the premises at the time of move-in and every year at the time of recertification.


  • Control: A pet shall be deemed to be under control of a responsible person when that person can observe and take effective corrective action to prevent nuisance or harm to people, animals or property.
  • Owner: Shall mean any person residing in the community who keeps or harbors a pet.
  • Pet: Any non-human creature maintained in the community.


All pets kept on the premises must be registered with the Cooperative Office within 10 days after move-in or acquisition of the pet.

The following forms are required to complete the registration.

1. Pet registration form
2. Signed Pet Rules and Regulations form
3. Proof of current vaccination in accordance with City of Independence animal ordinances
4. Current weight of the pet
5. Current photo of the pet
6. Written proof of spaying or neutering
7. A one-time, nonrefundable fee of $50 per pet.
8. Dogs must have their DNA registration kit completed with the office.

Pet Privileges

Pet owners may have two (2) dogs, two (2) cats or one (1) dog and one (1) cat per household. Any of the following also are allowed:

  • a) One (1) aquarium up to 50 gallons for fish. Members will be responsible for any water damage to the unit from the aquarium.
  • b) Two (2) birds in cages kept indoors inside the unit
  • c) Two (2) hamsters or gerbils kept indoors inside the unit

1. Any pet not listed here is considered to be unauthorized and not allowed. The cooperative reserves the right to refuse pets having the propensity to injure including but not limited to the following dog breeds: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Chows, Akitas, Rottweilers, Dobermans, wolf or any mix thereof.

2. No pets for breeding purposes shall be kept on Highleah Townhouses, Inc. property.

3. The maximum weight allowed for a dog at full growth is 65 pounds

4. All cats and dogs will be vaccinated annually or as recommended by a veterinarian in accordance with the rules of Highleah and the ordinances of the City of Independence. Verification must be submitted to the Cooperative Office within 10 days.

5. Visiting pets are not allowed.

6. Pets will not be allowed to make unreasonable noise.

7. No pet, cat or dog is allowed to run loose on the cooperative grounds at any time. All pets, cats and dogs must be on a lead and under the control of a responsible person when on cooperative grounds.

8. All pet feces must be cleaned up immediately anywhere at all times when the pet is outside the unit on the cooperative grounds. Pet waste must be placed in a plastic bag and disposed of in a proper trash receptacle.

9. Any dog feces reported on the property will be tested for a DNA match. All samples must be collected by the Highleah representative.

10. The fee for clean-up the first time will be $100; the second time, $125; and the third time, $175 with a loss of pet privileges and a letter from the attorney.

11. Tie-outs used to restrain pets outside units cannot exceed six (6) feet in length. Pets are not allowed to be tied or attached in any way to trees.

12. No restrained pet is to be left unattended after 10 p.m. or before 7 a.m. Pets cannot be left outside longer than two (2) hours at any time.

13. Any pet that attacks or bites a person or another animal may be removed from the premises.

14. Pet owners are responsible for damage to the cooperative grounds and structures including the inside and outside of their units. The member will be charged for repairs including materials and labor in accordance with the Occupancy Agreement.

15. All pet complaints must be in writing, signed by a member or employee and given to the Cooperative Office. The board responds only to written complaints signed by a member or employee.

16. Members receiving notice on three (3) separate occasions of a violation of any of these rules within a 12- month period will be in jeopardy of losing their pet privileges.

Members who have their pet privileges revoked must wait two (2) years from the date of revocation before applying to have the privileges reinstated by the Board of Directors. If a member’s pet privileges are revoked a second time, the privileges will remain revoked indefinitely.

Any member accepting the duties of pet ownership by registering a pet will be required to abide by all Highleah Townhouses, Inc.’s pet rules and regulations and the Independence, Mo., ordinances concerning pet ownership.

These regulations are specifically directed to eliminating nuisances caused by poorly-controlled dogs and cats but are applicable to all animals maintained on the property.

I have read and agreed to abide by all Highleah Pet Rules and Regulations.

Member’s Signature Date

Co-Member’s signature Date


1) One car per licensed driver per household. This does not apply to motorcycles. In the case of a complaint or controversy, you may be asked to provide the office with a copy of every individual’s driver’s license.

A household with three or more vehicles must use auxiliary parking.

2)Every unit has one numbered parking space assigned exclusively for the use of that unit. All other members’ and guests’ vehicles shall park in available guest or auxiliary spaces.

Members must park in their assigned spaces first when the numbered spot is available.

3) Motorcycles, motor scooters and mini-bikes will be parallel parked at the head of the numbered parking space so that a vehicle can be parked in the same space.

4) Parking in numbered spaces assigned to another unit may result in the vehicle being towed.

5) All vehicles including motorcycles, motor scooters and mini-bikes owned by Highleah residents or their guests must be licensed properly in accordance with state law and be in operable condition.

Vehicles in violation will be given 48 hours to rectify the violation.

6) No motor homes, boats or recreational vehicles can be parked on Highleah premises except for the purpose of loading and unloading not to exceed 24 hours.

7) All members and guests shall recognize and comply with universally accepted rules of the road and the 15 mile-per-hour speed limit while on property.

8) Any vehicle parked in a non-designated area such as the grass, sidewalk, fire lane, driving lane, maintenance driveway, No Parking zone or in front of a dumpster will be towed without further notice.

9) Vehicles shall not extend over the sidewalk.

10) No major overhauls and/or repairs will be allowed on vehicles on Highleah premises. The only repairs permissible are those of a minor nature, such as changing tires or spark plugs.

No vehicle shall be left unattended while on jacks or jack stands. All repairs must be completed within 24 hours.

The work area must be returned to its normal condition. Scrap material, antifreeze, oil and grease spills must be removed from the parking spot.

All oil and antifreeze must be disposed of properly. Do not put old or excess oil or antifreeze in the trash or down the sewers.

11) “Abandoned property,” any unattended motor vehicle, whether or not operational is subject to towing 96 hours after a warning ticket is placed on the windshield of the vehicle or a door tag placed on the townhouse door of the member.

12) All towing is at the vehicle owner’s expense.

13) Any member’s vehicle used for employment (a company vehicle) must park in numbered or auxiliary parking. Any vehicle rated 3/4 ton or more must be approved by the Board of Directors and must park only in auxiliary parking.

14) Any operable vehicle parked in guest or auxiliary parking for more than 72 hours will be given 48 hours to rectify the violation before being towed.


Security alarms are considered an improvement. Members are required to submit an installation/alteration permit before an alarm system is installed.

The office must have your alarm code to allow maintenance to enter the unit in the event of an emergency.

For maintenance to handle work orders during working hours members must disarm the alarm system or submit to the office a maintenance code for the alarm.


Members are allowed to have only flower beds in the front and side of their units. Members may have flower beds and gardens only in the back of their units. Fencing around these is not to exceed twelve (12) inches in height. All flower beds and/or gardens must be designed in such a manner as to cause water drainage away from the building and NOT create a “damming” effect. No clinging vines/flowers on any building or fences.

1. Members are not allowed to have a dog house or any type or structure, including playground equipment outside their unit with exception of:

  • Lawn furniture
  • Barbecue grills
  • Outdoor riding toys
  • Garden hoses

These items are allowed, but must be stored in the backyards, not in the front yard overnight. “Items must be stored on your patio or within the area/size of a patio authorized for your unit. Above items cannot be out into the common areas.

2. Front yard flower beds and shrubs are not to extend over six (6) feet from the foundation of the townhouses, and must be kept free of weeds. Backyard flower beds and vegetables gardens must extend no farther than five (5) feet from the foundation (if you do not have a patio). If you have a patio in your backyard, the flower bed/vegetable gardens cannot extend more than two (2) feet from around the patio and not extend beyond the width of your unit. All gardens must be kept free of weeds. Flower beds can be on sides of the unit to extend no farther than three (3) feet, with prior permission from the Board of Directors. Plants or flowers may be planted no more than two (2) from the base of the tree. Only plants or flowers can be planted. NO vegetable gardens will be allowed in the front or sides of the units. Ornamental grasses cannot exceed 24 inches in height. Members agree to maintain any ground cover and/or potted plants.

3. Climbing on or in trees is not allowed on the property.

4. A trellis is only allowed within a garden area and may not be attached to the unit. Trellises are not to be taller than four (4) feet.

5. There are no water slides or slip and slides allowed at Highleah. Pools are limited to children’s plastic or blow up pools, maximum size limits of 6 feet wide by 12 inches deep. The pools are to emptied daily and stored in the back of the unit. No filled pool shall be left unattended. Any damage caused to the property from a pool, through neglect of a member will be responsibility of the member to repair the damages. Maintenance will repair the damage at the member’s expense.

6. Tents for children only, maybe set up for overnight usage. Any damage caused to the property from a tent, through neglect of a member will be the responsibility of the member to repair the damages. Maintenance will repair the damage at the member’s expense.

7. Members are not to discard appliances, metal furniture, car batteries, tires oil or yard waste in the dumpster. Christmas trees are considered yard waste and be dispose of off property. The City of Independence has provided a drop off site in the past for Christmas trees. Please contact the City of Independence for current locations(s). Any large objects that are too big for the dumpsters (mattresses, wooden and fabricated furniture, etc., must be put out for trash pickup on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

8. Political signs may be displayed with three (3) feet of the unit. The sign must be removed within twenty-four (24) hours following the election. Signs should be no larger than 18 X 24 inches in size.

9. Maintenance personnel has the right /authority to remove or trim any plants, bushes, flowers, grasses or vegetation that do not comply with the regulations or those that may cause a safety hazard, after a member has been given a written notice of ten (10) days to take care of a situation. Members will be charged the hourly rate of the maintenance personnel for such work or materials that may occur.

10. Should maintenance have to remove or repair any items in violations of the “Rules and Regulations”, the Unit Member will be charged the hourly rate to resolve the problem. UNIT MEMBERS WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED FOR THE VALUE OF ITEMS REMOVED.

11. “Rocks belong on the ground and are to be left there. Picking rocks up, moving or throwing them anywhere on the property is prohibited.” (5/21/12)


Specifications, Liability, and Responsibility

1. Patios must be constructed of four (4) inch concrete with steel reinforcing wire or rod. Dimensions cannot exceed the actual width of the individual unit in length and cannot exceed fourteen feet (14) out from the foundation of the structure, but in no event can a patio be less than thirty (30) inches from the existing sidewalks or trees. Patios on a non-walk out unit must start at the bottom of the first step.

2. Upon installation of the patio, Highleah forbids any alterations to the window wells or steps. The height of the riser cannot be altered in any manner. Patio blocks may be used only in an exclusive use area in the rear garden area around the patio, with the exception of; they should be no closer than two (2) feet of the foundation. With prior approval by submitting an installation/alteration permit, the use of dye and stamping is permitted. (revised: 6/05 )

3. The member expressly acknowledges and agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for the maintenance and/or partial or complete removal of the patio, if required by utility companies or the Board of Directors. It is further acknowledged and agreed that upon the sale of said membership, the buying member will be made aware that they will assume responsibility as outlined above.


The Board has voted to allow fences around patios, of no more than thirty-six (36) inches and must be anchored to the top of the patio.

Specifications as follows:

1. Member must submit request in writing to the Board of Directors before installation.
2. Only members with patios can have a fence.
3. Fences can only be made of redwood, cedar, CCA treated wood and black wrought iron, only.
4. No painted fence, except black wrought iron.
5. Fence must be three (3) feet high and anchored to the top of the patio, not off sides.
6. Wood fence must have a minimum of two (2) rails (inside).
7. Must leave thirty-six (36) inch opening, with or without gate, no locked gates.
8. Fences must be maintained or maintenance will remove the fence at member’s expense.
9. Maintenance is to inspect the fence after installation.
10. The fence will be considered an improvements.
11. Fence posts cannot exceed forty-five (45) inches in height.


1. No member will be allowed to attach TV antennas and/or CB antennas, or antennas for any other purpose, to the outside of their unit. In the event of such an occurrence, maintenance personnel will remove the antenna(s) at the member’s expense.

2. Cable TV services are permitted.(See specifications of the cooperative). Every unit is provided with one cable outlet in the living room. Any additional cable outlet will require an installation/alteration permit and approval of the Board of Directors. These additional cable outlets will be at the member’s expense. Satellite dishes are permitted but must be installed according to the cooperatives specifications and installation permit must be submitted and approved before installation.

3. No member will be allowed to install window unit air conditioners or to install permanently attached window fans.

4. All clothes dryers must be vented to the outside.

5. Umbrella type clothes lines are permitted, but must be removed when not in use.

6. No rubber appliqués are allowed to be placed in the bath tub. Use only removable mats.

7. COMBUSTIBLES: No gasoline or gasoline engines of any kind are allowed INSIDE of unit absolutely no kerosene heaters or wood stoves are allowed. Combustible liquids or devises are not to be kept in or near the furnace or water heater.

8. Maintenance will work on standard equipment only. Will not work on improvements.

9. Plastic and framing for windows allowed in interior of units only.

10. Highleah does not allow any installation on the shingles, soffits, fascia board, shutters, brick, windows or window framing, front storm doors, patio doors or foundation of the exterior of the unit.

11. Members cannot alter the steps or the window wells on any improvement or alteration.

Patio blocks may be used only in an exclusive use area in the rear garden area around the patio, with the exception of; they should be no closer than two (2) feet of the foundation.

12. Texturing of any walls in units is prohibited.


All members of Highleah Townhouses, Inc. are required to have appropriate window covering(s). This consists of blinds, shades, curtains or drapes. NO NEWSPAPERS, SHEETS, ETC.


Member acknowledges that it is necessary for members to provide appropriate climate control, keep the unit clean, and take other measures to retard and prevent mold and mildew from accumulation in the unit. Member agrees to clean and dust the unit on a regular basis and to remove visible moisture accumulation on windows, walls and other surfaces as soon as reasonably possible. Member agrees not to block or cover any of the heating, ventilation or air-conditioning ducts in the unit. Member agrees to immediately report to the management office: 1) any evidence of a water leak or excessive moisture in the unit: 2) any evidence of mold or mildew-like growth that cannot be removed by simply applying a common household cleaner and wiping the area; 3) any failure or malfunction in the heating, ventilation or air-conditioning system; and 4) any inoperable doors or windows. Member further agrees that member shall be responsible for damage to the unit and member’s property as well as injury to member and occupants resulting from member’s failure to comply with this rule.


Members are allowed to paint the trim in their units. Trim consists of base trim (mounted along the floor) and door trim (mounted the door casings). This must be painted with Highleah’s brown trim paint (no other paint will be accepted). The paint job must be done with quality workmanship. Members are not allowed to paint any door, door casings, oak trim, oak staircase, basement staircase, floors, walls, cabinets, etc (trim only). If any items are painted brown other than base or door trim it will be removed at the member’s expense.


Dryer gas lines can only be extended from the T before the shut off valve on the range hook-up. The gas line must be installed in ½ or ¾ black pipe only. Any galvanized fittings or pipe installed will not be accepted and will be removed at the member’s expense. Extension gas line must have its own shut off (AGA approved for natural gas) placed in the gas line with easy accessibility. This shut off must be placed in the line at the ¾ T so it will only shut gas off to the dryer and not the gas range. DO NOT hook gas line (black pipe) directly to the dryer. Install the black pipe within 60” of the dryer and hook to the dryer with an (AGA) approved flexible gas line no longer than 60”. NOTE: Use proper compression fitting for gas line; do not hook flex line directly to the black pipe (this will not seal). All pipe connections must be sealed with pipe thread compound suitable for natural gas and checked for leaks.


1. If the occasion arises where the Maintenance Department and/or a company contracted through the Maintenance Department has to perform repairs or replacements of anything that is a maintenance responsibility and an improvement has to be removed or gets damaged due to these repairs or replacements, the Maintenance Department and/or the company contracted by maintenance will not be responsible for these improvements.

2. Improvements are the responsibility of the individual member.

3. “Improvements” are any permanently fixed addition or enhancement to a unit which was not originally provided with unit. This would include such items as: paneling, ceiling fans, wall to wall carpeting, wallpaper, patio, fencing on patio, finished basement, shower doors, vanity in half-bath, etc.

4. No more than a $200.00 work order charge can be applied to your account within a year. Member is to call the office to make arrangements for a monthly payment schedule.


1. The members in Highleah agree to keep their unit in a sanitary condition and to use all appliances, fixtures and equipment in a safe manner and only for the purpose for which it was intended.

2. Members cannot destroy, deface, damage, or remove any part of the unit, common areas, or cooperative grounds.

3. Members must give prompt notice of any defects in the plumbing, fixtures, appliances, heating and cooling equipment, or any other part of the unit or related facilities.

4. Members must remove garbage and other waste from the unit in a sanitary and safe manner (in trash bags and proper containers).

5. Members cannot store large quantities of recycled materials, for long periods of the time. They must be stored in a sealed container.

6. Use all appliances, fixtures and equipment in a safe manner and only for the purpose for which they were intended.

7. Maintain a clear path of at least three (3) feet to breaker box and a three (3) foot path and three (3) foot perimeter on all sides of the furnace.


A. Member Responsibility: Member is required to abide by the standards set forth below failure to abide by the Housekeeping Standards that result in the creation or maintenance of a threat to health or safety is a violation of the Occupancy Agreement and can result in eviction.

B. Housekeeping standards – Inside the dwelling unit:


1. Walls: should be clean, free of dirt grease, holes, cobwebs, and fingerprints.

2. Floors: should be clean, clear, dry, and free of hazards.

3. Ceilings: should be clean and free of cobwebs.

4. Windows: should be clean and must not be nailed shut. Shades or blinds should be intact.

5. Woodwork: should be clean, free of dust, gouges, or scratches.

6. Doors: should be clean, free of grease and fingerprints. Locks must work.

7. Heating units: should be dusted and access uncluttered.

8. Trash: should be disposed of properly and not left in the unit.

9. Entire unit should be free of rodent and insect infestation.

10. Hallways should be clean and free of hazards.

11. Basement and utility areas should be clean and neat. Remove lint from dryers after use.

12. Window openings should have no objects to obstruct exit in case of emergency.

13. Members cannot store large quantities of recycled materials, for long periods of time. They must be stored in a sealed container.

14. Maintain a clear path of at least three (3) feet to breaker box and a three (3) foot path and a three (3) foot perimeter on all sides of the furnace.

15. Members must give prompt notice of any defects in the plumbing, fixtures, appliances, heating and cooling equipment, or any other part of the unit or related facilities.


1. Stove: should be clean and free of food and grease.

2. Refrigerator: should be clean. Doors should close properly.

3. Cabinets: should be clean and neat. Cabinet surfaces and counter top should be free of grease and spilled food. Cabinets should not be overloaded.

4. Sink: should be clean, free of grease and garbage. Dirty dishes should be washed and put away in a timely manner.

5. Exhaust fan: should be free of grease and dust.

6. Food storage areas: should be neat and clean without spilled food.

7. Trash/garbage: should be stored in a covered container until removed to the disposal area.


1. Toilet and tank: should be clean and odor free.

2. Tub and shower: should be clean and free of mildew and mold. Shower curtains should be adequate in length.

3. Lavatory: should be clean.

4. Exhaust fans: should be free of dust.

5. Floor: should be clean and dry.

Storage Areas:

1.Closets: should be neat and clean. No highly flammable materials should be stored in the unit. Other storage areas: should be clean, neat and free of hazards.

C. Housekeeping Standards: Outside dwelling unit.

1. Yards: should be free of debris and trash.

2. Porches/patios: should be clean and free of hazards.

3. Steps: should be clean and free of hazards.

4. Sidewalks: should be clean and free of hazards.

5. Storm Doors: should be clean and free of hazards.

6. Parking lot: should be free of abandoned cars.

D. Key Replacement Policy

1. Lost Keys – The cost of a lock out is the same price as the cost of replacing the lock with a used lock. Identification is required for a lock out.

2. No keys will be made from the master key kept on file in the office.

3. Any request for a change of locks must come from the member of record.

4. In the event a key is lost, it is required that the lock be replaced. The current charge for the replacement with a used lock is $15.00. A replacement with a new lock is $30.00. These fees are chargeable to the member.

5. Lock fees are currently $15.00 during office hours and $30.00 after hours, week-ends and holidays.

6. Dead bolts are the responsibility of the member.



Windows are equipped with service locks, only to be opened by the maintenance department with a special key. If a member wants to clean their windows, they need to submit a work order to have the service locks released. Maintenance will then return to reset the service locks.


When installing mini blinds and curtain rods, etc. in the window insets, secure all brackets to the sheetrock only. DO NOT DRILL ANY HOLES, OR ATTACH ANY BRACKETS TO THE WINDOWS OR BRONZE FRAMING MATERIAL. THIS STIPULATION INCLUDES THE PATIO DOORS.


DO NOT apply any window film on windows or patio doors. DO NOT use any type of tape or adhesive on windows, doors, framing, etc. These are THERMOL-PANE doors and windows and will not need any type of wind barrier.

Note: placing film, foil etc. on window builds up heat and destroys the thermal barrier of the window which could possibly break the seal and/or crack the glass.


When painting the walls on your window insets, and or the trim around the patio doors, be very careful not to get any paint on the bronze window trim or framing. Painting any of these items will not accepted and will be repaired or removed at the expense of the member.


The bronze storm door installed on all the units, will be the only storm door allowed. Members cannot install an improvement storm door on their units (standard equipment only). Secondary patio doors will not be allowed to be installed on the outside of the patio door because of the heat build-up between the two doors.

Any member not complying with the rules on windows and doors will be subject to charges on repairs or replacement due to non-compliance of the above stipulations.


1. No minor under the age of seventeen (17) years shall loiter in or upon the streets, walkways, playgrounds, clubhouse and patio areas or open area of any of the premises within Highleah Townhouses, Inc. between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (revised: 1/23/12 )

  • a. Except minors fifteen (15) years of age to seventeen (17) years of age shall be permitted out until 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights and on the nights of eves of the principle United States holidays which are as follows: New Year’s Eve, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. (revised: 8/20/12)
  • b. Provided, however that the provisions of this regulation do not apply to a minor accompanied by his or her parent, guardian or other adult person having the care and custody of the minor to a minor who is upon an emergency errand directed by his or her parent, guardian, or other adult person having the care and custody of the minor.


1. No person shall discharge a firearm or projectile weapon on the property of Highleah Townhouses, Inc.

2. “Firearm” means any weapon that is designed or adopted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.

3. “Projectile weapon” means any bow, crossbow, pellet gun, slingshot, or other weapon that is not a firearm, which is capable of expelling a projectile that could inflict serious physical injury or death by striking or piercing a person.

4. No person shall discharge a paint ball gun on the premises or cause a paint ball impact within Highleah Townhouses. (revised: 2/27/06)


The following activities are “defaults” under Article 14 of the Occupancy Agreement:

1. Drug related criminal activity engaged in or on near the premises, by any member, a person of the household, or guest, and any such activity engaged in on the premises by any other person under the member’s control;

2. Determination made by the cooperative that a household member is illegally using a drug;

3. Determination made by the cooperative that a pattern of illegal use of a drug interferes with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents;

4. Criminal activity by a member, any person of the member’s household, a guest or another person under the member’s control:

  • a) that threatens the health , safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents (including property management staff); or
  • b) that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of their residences by persons residing in the immediate vicinity of the premises;

5. If the member is fleeing to avoid prosecution, or custody or confinement after conviction, for a crime, or attempt to commit a crime, that is a felony or misdemeanor;

6. If the member is violating a condition of probation or parole under Federal or State law;

7. Determination made by the cooperative that a member or person of the member’s household abuse or pattern of abuse of alcohol threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents;

8. If the cooperative determines that the member, any person of the member’s household, a guest or another person under the member’s control has engaged in the criminal activity, regardless of whether the member, any household member, a guest or another person under the member’s control has been arrested or convicted for such activity.


1. Members are responsible for their guest and their guest’s actions.

2. Must be a member present to play. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. No foul or vulgar language or actions.

4. No alcoholic beverages.

5. No one member may have over two (2) guests at a time.

6. No loitering or play from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

7. All trash and beverage containers must be picked up and removed after play is completed.

8. Guest must park in auxiliary parking or as close as possible to the sponsoring member’s residence. Members are responsible to insure their guests observe our Parking Rules and Regulations.

9. Any guest in violation of our Rules and Regulations, including those above, will be asked to leave the property of Highleah Townhouses, Inc. and will not be permitted to return without permission from the Board of Directors of Highleah Townhouses, Inc.


1. An Installation/Alteration permit must be submitted to the Board of Directors with members name, address and the company the dish is purchased from and product type purchased and the person/company installing the satellite dish.

2. The Installer must contact the Maintenance Superintendent prior to installation. The maintenance superintendent will locate the area where the dish can be mounted in the ground and show the installer what they can or cannot do when installing the satellite dish.

3. No satellite dish will be allowed to be attached to the building or roof in any manner.

4. The satellite dish-mounting pole must be mounted on the patio or in the garden area in the rear of the building and within 5’ out from the foundation. Areas with no patios the mounting pole can be installed 5’ from the foundation in the garden areas in the front or back of the units. Note: no bushes will be removed unless you replace them with a Japanese yes smallest size to be 1 gallon in order to install the mounting pole.

5. The mounting pole must be 1-5/8” in diameter, galvanized. The pole and top of satellite dish cannot exceed 4’ from ground level.

6. Satellite dishes may not be mounted on the fence around the patios.

7. All wiring will be done through the concrete grout line on the brick of the unit.

8. Wiring can be installed on the interior and exterior wall of the first floor and basement level.

9. Wiring for the second level must be run up the brick on the exterior of the building and mounted with proper fasteners to the grout line on the brick and then fished through the soffit from the outside into the outside wall of the bedroom.

10. All wiring must be wall-mounted installation with an applicable receptacle plate mounted on the wall the same height as the standard electrical receptacles in the unit. NOTE: No drilling through hardwood floors and/or ceilings.


All holiday lights and/or decorations must be rated for outdoor use only and be of the fused type.

EXTENSION CORDS: Must be rated for outside use only and be of the “grounded” type with three (3) conductors.

GFCI GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER: All holiday lights and/or holiday ornaments and extension cords must be plugged into this GFCI at the power source. This GFCI can be of the portable extension cord type or of the permanent fixed type mounted on the outside of the unit. Highleah will not allow the power source to come from the front or back outside light fixtures or installing extension cords through the front door, patio doors or first or second story windows. It is recommended that you have a permanent GFCI receptacle installed on the outside of your unit or run the lights through the basement window and plugging into a portable GFCI extension cord.

All connections made by the lights, ornaments, extension cords on the exterior of the unit must be wrapped with electrical tape where they are joined.

INSTALLATION OF HOLIDAY LIGHTS & ORNAMENTS: Highleah does not allow any installation of the holiday lights and/or ornaments on the shingles, soffits, fascia board, shutters, brick, windows or window framing, front storm doors or patio doors of the exterior of the unit. No stapling, nailing or permanent fastener when mounting holiday lights and/or ornaments. Highleah will allow you to install holiday lights only on the gutters with plastic or metal guttering hooks, bushes in front of your unit and holiday ornaments on the ground area in front of your unit.

BACK OF UNITS: Highleah will allow you to install holiday lights, ornaments only on fencing and wrought iron railing that has been installed on the patio.

FRONT DOORS: Highleah will allow you to install wreaths, holiday ornaments and battery operated holiday lights on the front door. These items can only be installed with an over the top of the door wreath hanger, suction cup-hooks, or adhesive mounted light clips.

NOTE: No nails, tacks or electrical holiday lights or ornaments on the front door.

INSIDE OF UNITS: Inside the unit holiday lighting and ornaments can be installed on the window glass only (DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING ON THE WINDOW FRAMING) the lights and/or ornaments must be installed with suction cup light clips or suction cup hangers. You do not have to use the GFCI receptacle on the inside lights and/or ornaments, but the indoor lights must be fused.


This policy has been adopted to help insure the safety of all members, their guest and the property of Highleah Townhouses.